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"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart."

Elizabeth Andrew

Complete the form below to be alerted of future volunteer opportunities with Hearts With Hands!


Volunteer Waiver

I am interested in volunteering...

I, the undersigned volunteer, desire and agree to volunteer for Hearts With Hands (HWH) in the volunteer activity described above. I further understand and agree as follows:


1. I am donating my time and services without any compensation and shall at no time be considered an employee or independent contractor of Hearts With Hands. HWH will not provide insurance coverage for me;


2. I know of no reason, medical or otherwise, that would prevent me from performing the tasks required to participate in this volunteer activity; Including, but not limited to COVID-19.


3. I assume all risks of participating in his volunteer activity and full responsibility for my conduct actions, including any injury to myself or damage to property that may result while volunteering, and I understand that HWH is not responsible for conditions that I create myself or those created by other volunteers or participants;


4. I give permission to Hearts With Hands to take photographs and/or record video and/or audio or otherwise record images and likenesses of me and/or my property and to use these for any printed or recorded uses of the business. I expressly release HWH from any and all claims which I may have for invasion of privacy, right of publicity, defamation, copyright infringement, or any other causes of action arising out of the use, adaptation, reproduction, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of such recordings of my image, voice, or likeness.

5. This form is retained for up to two years. By submitting this form, you agree to all terms of the waiver. 

Thanks for submitting!

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